parachuting oxycodone

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Is oxycodone m2a3 57344 snorting oxycodone - Forums


How much Oxycodone should I take -.

Snorting oxycodone is very common. I suggest parachuting the next time you get ahold of any. Rip off a small piece of a tissue and put the pill powder on it.

parachuting oxycodone

Is a Dilaudid 4mg stronger then oxycodone.
15.02.2010 · Best Answer: Hell yea, dilaudid is hydromorphone, which i got my hands on once. Hydromorphone is a super strong synthetic opioid, strongest legally
Oxycontin pills parachute

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Best way to take percocet snorting or parachuting Drug class for but apap caf Nike elite socks customize Promethazine compared to hycodan Does oxycodone hydrochloride
Oxycontin pills parachute: Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:36 am MST: Oxicotten . Or if you don't like to snort things, parachute it. _____ . Oxycodone is really oxycodone.
1. oxycodone A synthetic opiate. It is sold under brand names such as Oxycontin and Percocets as well as Roxicodone. It's effects are similar to heroin. Best way to take percocet snorting or.
Oxycontin pills parachute
  • Best way to take percocet snorting or.

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Title pretty much sums it up, found some oxycodone and I was wondering how much I should take to have a good time, sadly out of weed .
Is oxycodone m2a3 57344

parachuting oxycodone


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