how much 60mg codeine to get high

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how much 60mg codeine to get high

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Hi guys. I have taken Hydrocodone, 5mg/500apap before (4 tabs sometimes) and it is At your current tolerance you might feel them. I would say that a 30mg codeine
07.11.2008 · Best Answer: When you say codeine, do you mean hydrocodone (like Vicodin)? Most codeine you take in pill form will be combined with another painkiller. If

Hydrocodone vs. Codeine 30mg+Tylenol? -.

how much 60mg codeine to get high

Is 120 mg codeine too much for a.
I got my hands on a bunch of codeine 30mg pills i don't have much experience with the codeine pill i've only ever had the 5s and not enough to get me high are these
Buy Codeine Online From A USA Pharmacy &.
I was prescribed a bottle of 30 mg pills of codeine phosphate. I was wondering what is a safe dose to recreationally take it in order to fully appreciate its effects.

Codeine Recreational Dose Can tylex get me high (30mg codeine and.
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10.01.2011 · Best Answer: Yes, it will get you high, but seriously, don't do it. Codeine itself is not the worst thing you can do (although it has a degree of addiction
30mg Of codeine phosphate (Opiates).
Depends, do you want to relieve pain, or get high. Note that some people don't have the enzymes to break down codeine into morphine so codeine will have no effect on Will Codeine Get You High

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